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Crazy Time

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Crazy Time is a more exciting version of the classic "Wheel of Fortune". Here, players win by guessing the sector where the spinning wheel stops. There are no complicated algorithms, just pure luck! A live croupier is involved, who spins the wheel live. Unlike the traditional versions of the Wheel of Fortune and regular roulette, Crazy Time is enriched with bonuses. You can get multipliers and participate in bonus rounds with the potential to increase winnings by hundreds or even thousands of times.

Crazy Time game rules

The Crazy Time wheel consists of 54 sectors. 45 of them are regular sectors with multipliers from x1 to x10. The remaining 9 allow you to participate in bonus games. "Crazy Time", "Cash Hunt", "Coin Flip" and "Pachinko" are available. Bonus points are less common, so experienced players analyze statistics to develop winning strategies. Beginners place small bets on the most frequently dropped sectors. The Crazy Time game takes place in a live broadcast mode, where the dealer interacts with the participants. Participants can observe before placing bets and study the statistics of previous rounds. This helps you understand the rules and develop your own strategies.

Crazy time Bonus Additions

Bonus features include "Top Slot", "Pachinko", "Cash Hunt", "Coin Flip" and the most important bonus - "Crazy Time". These additions add excitement to the game and increase the winning chances. Crazy Time provides opportunities for gamblers and can bring impressive winnings, taking them into the world of excitement and entertainment! Crazy Time is a game that has gained popularity due to its fascinating nature and large winnings. This gambling entertainment project is a mixture of luck and strategy, making the gameplay exciting and unpredictable. Let us tell you about its features and rules. Strategy and luck play a key role in your success. Each round offers different odds and multipliers, and your task is to choose the bets that can bring the greatest potential winnings. Experienced players often study statistics and monitor sector drop patterns to make meaningful bets.

To participate in Crazy Time, you need to register on the website and top up your account. The casino offers a variety of deposit options, including cryptocurrency, electronic payment systems and bank cards. After depositing your account, you are ready for an exciting game. For beginners, it is especially useful to watch the game as a spectator. You can simply follow the gameplay and study it without placing bets. This will allow you to better understand the rules and strategies of the game before risking your funds. In addition, you can view the statistics of previous games, which can help you form your own strategy. Nevertheless, playing Crazy Time is always accompanied by excitement and risk. Don't forget that gambling can be fun and exciting, but also risky. It's important to set limits for yourself and play responsibly, without risking more than you can afford. The casino provides operational technical support, guarantees the security of your personal data and has a license, which makes it a reliable place to play Crazy Time and other gambling entertainment.


In conclusion, Crazy Time is an exciting and dynamic gambling game that is suitable for both beginners and experienced gamblers. The mix of luck and strategy makes it exciting, and bonus rounds add unpredictability. Keep in mind a reasonable game and enjoy the excitement with the confidence that your safety and interests are under reliable protection. Good luck in your future adventures in the world of Crazy Time!