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A live lottery with a wheel of fortune called Crazy Time has long gained popularity among gamblers. Today we will look at what bonuses the Crazy Time game provides and how they contribute to achieving impressive winnings. There are many games in the world of gambling entertainment, but among them a special place is occupied by an exciting show called Crazy Time. Why does she deserve your attention? Let's figure it out! The exciting Game Concept of Crazy Time offers a unique gambling show featuring real croupiers. You have to predict which sector the wheel of fortune will stop at and place your bet. This game is full of unexpected twists and exciting moments that will not leave you indifferent.

Chance of Big Wins

The Crazy Time bonus round provides a unique opportunity to win the maximum multiplier up to x100! This means that your winnings can be surprisingly large. Imagine how these incredible numbers can change your life! Entertainment and Excitement in One Bottle Crazy Time is not just a game, it's a whole gambling adventure. You won't get bored, because every round brings something new. You will be able to experience the adrenaline and excitement that are so appreciated in the world of gambling entertainment.

The Basics of Playing Crazy Time

Crazy Time is a live gambling show in which real-time players participate in a lottery using the big wheel of fortune. Their task is to predict which sector the wheel will stop in and make the appropriate bet. There are 54 sectors on the wheel in total, and most of them are standard multipliers such as x2 or x5. However, special sectors with Crazy Time bonuses make the game more interesting and profitable.

CASH HUNT Bonus Game

In this bonus game, players are invited to choose one of 180 random multipliers. The playing field hides multipliers, and the player's task is to choose the most profitable one. The multiplier size will be determined only after selection, which adds an element of intrigue.


This bonus round is inspired by the old PACHINKO gambling machine. The croupier lowers the ball from above, and it goes through a lot of jumping pegs. There are multipliers at the bottom of the playing field, and the place where the ball stops will determine the multiplier for the player.

COIN FLIP Bonus Game

This bonus game has a simple rule: the dealer throws a special coin with multipliers. The multiplier that will be at the top after the coin flip will determine the winning multiplier.

Crazy Time Bonus Game

This bonus round is considered the most anticipated and profitable moment for Crazy Time players. Here, players face a huge Wheel of Fortune, where there is an opportunity to win the maximum multiplier - x100! Choosing the magic arrow on this wheel will determine your fate. If the arrow indicates doubling, the game continues until the winning bonus is selected. Strategies and Approaches Despite the many Crazy Time strategies based on the analysis of previous rounds, it is worth remembering that the outcome of the game is always random. Each round, the dealer turns the wheel in different directions, and the result cannot be predicted absolutely accurately. To learn how to play effectively, it is important to try different tactics and rely on luck.

In Conclusion

Crazy Time is an exciting game that offers players exciting moments and a chance for big wins. Bonus games add variety and excitement to the game, opening up new opportunities for gambling adventures. Do not forget that gambling requires a reasonable approach and budget management. Good luck in your gambling adventures in the world of Crazy Time!